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Management Services

Le​​an Structure, Low cost

An integral part of World Travellers' success is the continued focus on retaining a management support structure that is as lean as possible, resulting in a low annual management fee for the member stores. We will contract for any skills that we need until we are certain of the necessity of key structural positions. Long term, the structure will remain lean.

Management Services Responsibilities

Currently the Management Services area of World Travellers is run by the Group Operations Manager, and the Marketing Manager who are responsible for:

  • supplier liaison and negotiation
  • new store acquisition and implementation
  • distribution of override commissions to store owners
  • financial management
  • management and analysis of group and individual sales data
  • local marketing resources for stores
  • marketing strategy and campaign delivery
  • brand strategy and management
  • product sourcing
  • digital marketing strategy and delivery
  • networking and communications
  • PR - internal (staff) and external (trade & public)
  • IT strategy and delivery
  • quality control of products and services
  • liaison with suppliers for training and promotions

Group Operations Manager - Dianne Lamberton

Dianne has extensive experience in both the retail and wholesale travel industry. From managing Budget Travel stores back in the late 1980's, to a 10 year spell as Finance Manager for Travelplan Holidays, she has operations and finance covered. Email: Ph: 021381720

Dave Nicholson - Director of Sales

Dave Nicholson 2.jpg

Dave is well known in the NZ Travel Industry, he commenced his career as an expedition tour leader with Dragoman, leading tours globally. During this time, he managed to clock up 122 countries. Daves most recent role was General Manager of Adventure World, where he led a team of 30 staff. Aside from his love of travel, he has a real passion for sales and marketing. Email: Ph: 021998858

Digital & Content Manager - Clarissa Hirst

Clarissa brings a wealth of expertise working on digital marketing campaigns for some of Australasia’s most well-known companies across a multitude of industries, from travel and lifestyle to shipping and finance. She was a senior content producer for a leading content marketing agency and most recently worked as a digital content exec at Auckland University of Technology (AUT). She’s travelled to over 40 countries to date and is always planning the next adventure. Email: Ph: 02102656343

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