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Crossroads are exciting places to be

They demand decisive action and can create positive change and new directions.

As the travel distribution channel evolves, the role of the traditional bricks and mortar travel business is becoming well defined in terms of where the customer sees the value. In the past travel retailers sold everything to everybody. It is now clear that a professional travel business must deliver a more defined high touch service, coordinating more complex itineraries, multiple destinations and groups of travellers.

World Travellers represents a new direction for New Zealand owner-operated travel businesses wanting 100% control of their brand, 100% control of their finances and 100% commitment from a retail led group. We are retailers driving value to our customers.

We are no longer all things to all people. We have defined ourselves.

The predominant New Zealand travel agency model of vertical and horizontal integration in the “bricks and mortar” channel with wholesale, consolidation and franchisor all touching the transaction on the way through is not surviving the test of technology and time nor is it meeting customer needs.

World Travellers challenges that out-dated supply model and ensures effective supply distribution to the consumer using its travel store network of skilled travel people who already have a strong connection to their local community. This allows for a more targeted distribution investment through a retail medium that is wholly retail focused to meet customer demand.

World Travellers is like the screw cap for the wine bottle, still the wine, still the bottle but a whole lot more convenient for all parties to use.

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