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New Zealand Cooperatives Association Membership

World Travellers is a full member of the New Zealand Cooperatives Association and aligns itself fully to the Cooperative Values and Principles.

Joining the Cooperatives Association

Cooperative and mutual businesses that join the Cooperatives Association do so to:

  • support the solidarity of cooperative activity, particularly through lobbying government, the opposition parties and officials
  • network with directors and senior executives from other cooperative and mutual businesses, learning from the experience of others
  • receive a steady stream of information from the Association through Cooperatives News and the NEWSFlash
  • be able to send people to cooperative-specific education and training seminars
  • have access to the member only area of this website, which gives them information not available elsewhere
  • receive support and advice through the Cooperative Advisory Group, which members tell us is absolutely priceless
  • get a .coop web domain for their cooperative – right now the first year’s free

The Association represents member businesses on various issues, particularly when engaging with government, ministries and agencies, and bodies such as the International Accounting Standards Board.

We're in ​​good company

The following are some of the members of the Cooperatives Association:

Foodstuffs – NZ’s largest supermarket chain in which the grocery store owners own the grocery wholesale business

PSIS – offering a nationwide network of financial services for any New Zealander

Plumbing World – a chain of plumbing stores owned by New Zealand plumbers

Interflora – a cooperative of flower sellers and part of a global network, with members in 15 countries

Capricorn – a tri-nations cooperative of vehicle panel-beater businesses in three countries with headquarters in Perth, Australia

Fonterra - A leading multinational dairy company, owned by 13000 New Zealand dairy farmers and the world's largest exporter of dairy products.

Memb​​ership criteria

Full membership is only open to cooperatives, mutuals and other organisations whose constitutions or governing documents provide that the cooperative principle is paramount.

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