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Want to run your own business without the nasty overheads?

World Travellers Mobile is aimed at travel business owners who want to explore an alternative model to traditional travel retailing, where you can retain the flexibility of being an owner, without the shackles of hefty overheads. The Mobile proposition is also suited to current brokers and senior consultants who are effectively already managing their own “mini” travel businesses.

Support and back-up from established travel industry experts
Full support and guidance is provided by a suitable “host” branded World Travellers store, and TAANZ membership as an "Approved Sales Person" is mandatory.

Retain 100% of the commission you earn
The overall Mobile offering is without a doubt the best proposition in the market place and the earn potential is huge, with 100% of all sales commission returned to the Mobile consultant. World Travellers buying power also ensures you will receive the best commission earn opportunities in the industry.

Marketing and promotion systems to make your life easier
World Travellers Mobile also offers a full suite of marketing tools which are populated with ready-made marketing campaigns produced by World Travellers on a weekly basis, so your customers will be kept automatically in touch with the latest and greatest deals in the market place, with the call to action directly back to you. You can use the tools as much or as little as you like, but even when you're flat out dealing with customers you can rest assured that your precious database is hearing from you regularly. Check out MyPromotions for full details.

Frequently Asked Questions about World Travellers Mobile
View FAQs about World Travellers Mobile including questions about supply, ownership, GDS and more.

Mobile tools

Your full suite of World Travellers Mobile tools includes (click the heading below to download full details):

  • MYWeb - A full website branded in your own name offering a vast range of products and information for your customers. Fully customisable by you if you wish, with the ability to add unlimited extra pages and menus to suit your individual business.
  • MYEnewsletter - A 3-weekly personally branded e-newslettter pre-populated with the latest deals for you to customise and send to your own database of customers. All the hard work is done for you! You can also use the system to send your own communications to your customers at any time.
  • MyPromotions - Regular marketing campaigns that you control. World Travellers provides completed templates with the latest products, you decide if you want to use them or not, and you can change the products or pricing if you wish. Promoting your Mobile business has never been so simple.
  • MYStationery - Customised online stationery ordering system that easily allows you to personalise the full range of World Travellers stationery and marketing collateral including press ads, posters, flyers and more.
  • MYHub - Connect dynamically with your colleagues via the World Travellers Hub, an online internal collaborative solution that includes the ability to post blogs, comments, images and more, allowing you to keep in touch with a massive extended "family" of World Travellers, to tap into for knowledge and sharing of ideas.
  • MYCRM - The ability to manage your own Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for your own database of customers, which includes importing and exporting contacts, as well as segmentation based on customers' interests. It's completely up to you how you manage your database.
  • MYOptions - With your earn set at up to 100% of all sales commission, all that remains is for you to discuss with your potential host office the range of options regarding monthly Mobile fees, depending on your estimated turnover and use of host store services.

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