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Here are my top ten reasons why New Caledonia should be your next Pacific holiday:

  • It's just next door and only a 3 hour flight from Auckland.
  • It’s a wonderfully French experience (with a lot less mileage) and with English widely spoken.
  • It's a gourmet lovers paradise with the best food & beverage experience in the south Pacific - there's over 200 restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs in Noumea alone!
  • It's got lots of adventure on offer - whether your passion is four-wheel driving, hiking, diving, sailing, windsurfing or kiteboarding to name a few, this is the place for you!
  • It’s got loads of beaches and secluded islands - Lifou, Ouvea, Mare (the Loyalty Islands) and the spectacular Isle of Pines are a beach lovers paradise with their fine white sands only matched by their crystal clear waters.
  • It’s not at all touristy - when you visit, you’ll be joining the local population and sampling their day to day life... you'll soon understand why over 80,000 French nationals choose to call New Caledonia home.
  • It’s a natural wonderland - New Caledonia is set inside the world’s largest & most beautiful lagoon! Its surrounding reef system was listed as a world heritage site in July 2008 and reflects the quality of the marine environment (the reefs boast 900 coral varieties and 15,000 marine species).
  • It’s got an exciting nightlife - places to be seen are Baie des Citrons and Le Bodega Bar on the Anse Vata pier.
  • It’s a safe place that offers a very stable and tolerant political and cultural environment, leaving you to relax and explore this beautiful destination independently and quite safely.
  • And lastly, it’s so easy to get there with Aircalin - a full service carrier with 5 departures weekly from Auckland to Noumea (plus connections from all other major cities with its partners).

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