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5 reasons why we love Air New Zealand!

05 November 2015



Not all of us are able to swing left for our international flights, so it's pretty awesome of Air NZ to provide an affordable alternative that works for couples and families alike. We still love this concept even after all these years of being on offer.

2. And let's not forget Premium Economy

As if one fab alternative to an upgrade isn't enough, Air NZ is so considerate they've given us another option too in the form of Premium Economy. This one comes with a whole bunch of perks such as premium check-in and priority boarding to name just a few. We're sold!

3.Their 'not so boring' safety videos

We know we have to watch it Every. Single. Time. So thank you Air New Zealand for making safety fun and entertaining.

4.They've got a great sense of humour

… which they're more than happy to share with us!

5. More routes = more options

They've recently added Houston and Buenos Aires (with more promised to come) to an already awesome destination list. One of our favourite bonuses of flying with Air NZ long-haul to UK and Europe is that you've got so many options for stop overs… experience a bit of Asia on the way there, and a bit of the US of A on the way back (especially now that LA is not as hideous to transfer via), or flop and drop on one of the islands in whatever direction you feel you'll need it most.

Why do you love our national carrier, Air New Zealand?

Tell is the comments below, we love to hear from you. :)


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