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A camper van holiday - right here in New Zealand!

01 June 2017


How easy it is to forget how beautiful our very own country is, and that plenty of people travel from some pretty far flung countries to drive amidst the dynamic and diverse scenery that New Zealand offers in bucket-loads!

After our recent - and very close to home - camper van holiday, I encourage you to look closer to home (maybe even just up your street...) if you fancy a wee mini break. We decided to do just that ourselves and were soon enjoying our first night of freedom camping at a gorgeous beach spot, which our 5-year-old Vincent gave a big thumbs up to on our morning beach walk!

For the 2nd night, it was a basic camp at Mangaweka, followed by a wonderful riverside walk the next morning. And for night three and four, we stayed at a well facilitated holiday camp that gave us the opportunity to plug in and enjoy a thermal dip.

There really is somewhere for everyone’s taste and budget as New Zealand accommodates camper van holidays extremely well. So do try to sample what’s right on our doorstep - it’s truly amazing!

(We used AVS Campervan Hire Paraparaumu and Jucy Wellington)

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