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A meal like no other at Gordon Ramsay's Claridge London Restaurant

01 July 2011


In 2009, Sue and Trevor Arnold had a meal like no other. A surprise organised by their son Sam, the Arnolds were delighted to meet long-time friends and extended family at Gordon Ramsay’s Claridge, London restaurant for a celebration of their fortieth wedding anniversary.

“It was amazing. The staff went to such trouble. We had a custom-designed menu, which even listed our anniversary details. It was an unforgettable celebration. We even saw Clint Eastwood!” Sue recalls excitedly.

The meal capped off a day of famous association for Sue, she had spent the afternoon helping a nannying relative look after Michael Caine’s twin grand-children, Myles and Allegra.

Frequent business travellers, the Arnolds are Directors of their son’s company ISMS, International Slot Machines Sales, which refurbishes second hand gaming machines and exports them around the world. Trevor has a strong financial role in the company and Sue provides a guardianship influence, she describes as motherly and nurturing.

With the head office in London and subsidiary offices in Europe and Hong Kong, the Arnolds travel three to four times a year. Attendance at the annual Las Vegas Gaming Expo is a must.

Sue knows her way around central London, particularly Piccadilly Market where she loves to rummage through craft stalls for authentic handmade items. Sue suggests some tips for first time travellers to London, “London is a busy and fast paced city. It is easy to get lost and sometimes trains run late. Take a cell phone so that you can stay in touch with family or friends.”

Sue also advocates the use of ATMs inside banks rather than on the street and suggests asking shop staff for directions rather than approaching strangers.

Sue reflects on the value of a good travel agent, particularly as the Arnolds often travel at short notice. “We have used Best’s since 1985 and rely on their ability to organise everything. Christine knows we like to fly on Air New Zealand and will pull out all the stops to get us on the right flights. I can’t understand people who search the internet looking for cheap deals and then complain they had to wait ages when their flight was cancelled. Good travel advice and service saves you grief and time.”

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