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A Postcard from Asia-The Contiki Way

01 May 2014


The sheer amount that is packed into Contiki’s 14 Day Asian Experience is incredible!

Action packed days and nights melt into one amazing experience. The knowledge Of the tour manager, local guides, and of course, the locals themselves, help to fully immerse you in the various cultures of IndoChina. This is where the benefits of going with a Tour company win over going solo. The guides point out a whole lot of interesting things that you would otherwise miss. They also brief you on the history, language and customs, best sights, eateries and other useful places such as ATM’s and pharmacies not to mention the BEST shopping deals. 

Personal highlights: Bike tour of Luang Prabang, and the Utopia Bar to follow, in Laos. 

I would thoroughly recommend this tour to young travellers, as there was a lot of partying!

My tour was booked by Joanna Corbett, who made everything so simple it was impossible to stuff up. One change regarding flights was sorted right away and all those people who needed to know about it, did. Big thanks to her for an amazing trip. Can’t wait for the next one! 

Dylan Robinson.

PS: Booking a Contiki with your travel consultant is the same price as on line, And they will co-ordinate the flights and visas to match. Very safe!

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