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A week in the land of Dubai

14 May 2013


Where did you go, and how long did you go for?


I had the pleasure of being hosted by Definitely Dubai and Emirates in Dubai for 5 amazing days !

What was the best part of the trip?


Getting a complete overview of Dubai – but also maybe the Shopping in the Mall of the Emirates, A day out at Atlantis at the Water Park

I stayed at the Jumeriah Creekside, which is a lovely 5-star Hotel, very close to the Airport. Dubai is relatively small and taxis are cheap to get around in. If I returned I would definitely look at staying in the Jumeriah beach area.

What things would you recommend to fellow travellers?


A must do for families travelling with kids is Wild Wadi, Kid Zania and Ski Dubai – its just incredible!

Also the places below are great for everyone:

  • Dubai Mall
  • A trip to the Top of the Bhurj Khalifa
  • A day at Atlantis and the Wild Adventure Park
  • Swimming with the Dolphins
  • Jumeriah Beach

Dubai – would not necessarily be a destination for Kiwis, but definitely worth a stopover. It’s so new and advanced and certainly an eye-opening experience!

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