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Africa Overland - Safari

02 September 2006


One night in Nairobi (which is all you need!) and we set off on our Overland Tour.  After a day spent inside our truck  with lots of time to meet and chat with our newly made friends, we crossed the border into Tanzania. We queued patiently at the border crossing in order to get the precious Tanzanian visa.  This took us approximately 45 minutes which, in African standards, is pretty quick!

On to the the Meserani Snake Park Campsite a popular overland stop in Arusha. From there we ventured to the Northern circuit parks like the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater. En route to the Serengeti, undoubtedly the most popular safari destination on this planet, we stopped over on the rim of Ngorongoro enjoying the spectacular view of the crater. As we approached the park, the abundance of wildlife drastically increased: thousands of gazelles and zebra, and literally hundreds of thousands of wildebeest awaited us across the never ending plains.

On our drive to camp we sighted a lone lioness (with hidden cubs), hyena's, elephant, hippo and buffalo. That night we stayed at an unfenced camp around the Seronera region of the park, especially well-known for its healthy leopard population.

Our Serengeti safari was no less than astounding! Nothing comes even close to the Serengeti when it comes to animal abundance and variety. Driven by locally operated 4WD vehicles, which are adapted for safari use, we spent the entire morning inside Ngorongoro Crater, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Most memorable moments of our game drive included ostrich mating, black rhinos, and lions on the kill.

After our game drive in the Crater, we headed back across the plains to our truck at Arusha, where we spend the evening discussing the last few days over a Kilimanjaro Beer.

Some people are worried about giving up their creature comforts, but overlanding doesn’t mean discomfort. The truck was equipped with all the necessities for travelling overland in Africa including all camping gear. They are designed to give a premium view of the road ahead, no matter where we were seated.

The overland tour was everything I expected and more!

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