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Have an Adventure of a Lifetime - Part 2

With only 700 mountain gorillas left in the world, a meeting with one of these gentle giants in their natural habitat is something only a few people will ever have the chance to do. Due to the strict controls imposed by the Rwandan authorities to protect these critically endangered animals, only a maximum of 56 people per day are allowed to visit. This means that while the gorillas are very well protected, permits are at a premium. Gorillas can be visited at any time of the year, however the short dry season mid December to early February and the long dry season of June to September are the best times to visit as conditions are easier underfoot and there are fewer mosquitoes around. Spending time with the gorillas is an emotional experience. You’ll see extended family groups with a giant silverback protecting them with his watchful gaze while younger members of the group will play just as our children do, swinging in the trees, teasing each other into playing chase, sitting at times to ponder you as the stranger and probably wondering why you are there. Female gorillas tend to sit eating weeds and plants while contemplating their visitors. Gorillas often look directly into your eyes and it can feel as if they are looking into your soul. It’s one of the few travel experiences left when an hour will seem like a minute, the camera lens will not seem as important as your actual memory and you’ll be lost for words to explain just how it really made you feel. Permits for the high season of July and August sell out quickly so you must book at least three to four months in advance to ensure your place. You will also require several vaccinations and the visa for Rwanda is issued at the Rwandan Embassy in London.

Spice up your life on Zanzibar Island in Tanzania. The old city of Stone Town is the cultural heart of the island, boasting a labyrinth of walled streets, winding alleys, bustling mosques and grand Arab architecture. Zanzibar’s beaches are spectacular, with golden palm fringed sands framed by sparkling blue waters, where you can indulge with a massage, go diving, snorkelling or swimming. Taste the pineapple, said to be the sweetest in the world! The best time to visit is during the cooler spring months of August to October. Avoid the rainy season March to May.

African ElephantChoose the style of travel that connects with Africa. Established in 1987, Tucan Travel has 25 years experience leading adventure travellers on tours around the world. Visiting Africa shouldn’t feel like a coach tour where you’re told what you have to see each day. On Tucan Travel tours you’ll often be given several alternatives of how you can spend your day. Whether it’s visiting a village school, rafting some rapids or taking a 4WD safari, they offer something for everyone. Everything in Africa is dependent upon the ‘moods’ of the land and the natural elements. Camping is a natural choice and is the main accommodation on the tours. Your bond to the land will strengthen during safari drives in open savannah, a punt through a river delta, while scrambling up spectacular sand dunes and as you watch magical sunsets around a campfire after a long day, surrounded by the sounds of nearby animals. Travelling on board a custom built Mercedes-Benz truck you will visit villages and enjoy many opportunities to chat with local people, buy food and trade stories in local markets. The vehicles have comfortable, forward-facing reclining coach seats and large panoramic tinted and sliding windows. They offer many ways to save 5% off the cost of your tour, so keeping within your budget won’t be a problem.  

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