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Amazon Expedition

You can hike the rainforest by both day and night.  Yes, that's right .... after dark, flashlights in-hand, head slowly down a rainforest trail and gaze in amazement at the wonderful creatures on display. The forest comes alive at night and one can see everything from bizarre katydids to sleeping birds and butterflies.  Night walks are among the most unusual and unforgettable ways to appreciate the tropics. During the day, enjoy boat outings for macaw and river dolphin observations, walks in the forest in search of wildlife and a visit to a local indigenous village. There is a lot of wildlife to observe and a lot of excellent photo opportunities.

The boats used are either the Ayapua or Clavero. The Ayapua caters for 13-20 passengers and is an original rubber boom boat that transported rubber from remote rivers of the Brazilian and Peruvian Amazon during the early part of the 20th century. She was built in Hamburg, Germany in 1906 and from 2004 to 2006 she was restored to her original splendor with many original features incorporated. The Clavero is the oldest historic riverboat on the entire Amazon. She was originally built in Paris, France in 1876 and brought over to the Amazon for use as a Peruvian naval boat. The Clavero was used for government expeditions exploring the Peruvian Amazon and as a mail boat. She has two main decks and a sun deck. The Clavero caters for a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 12 travellers on board. Both boats offer comfortable accommodation with each cabin having an en-suite bathroom with shower, conventional toilet and sink, air conditioning, a desk and a wardrobe. Nine cruises are scheduled for 2010 with two already fully sold. A shorter four or five day cruise option for those who want to explore the Amazon from a comfortable riverboat is also available.

The rainy season is December to June with high water and better wildlife viewing. From July to November is the drier season, but you can still expect rain. The days are hot, but nights can be cool.

lf you are not yet intrigued enough to explore the options for an Amazon Peru holiday, consider these mind-boggling facts. The Amazon Jungle is as big as the Australian continent. It is found in eight different South American countries, and it has almost one-quarter of all the Earth’s species of plants. There are more than 60,000 different species of tropical plants here, and around 4,000 species of trees. If you were to wander parts of the Amazon Rainforest, it would not be rare for you to come across some 300 separate species of trees in one single acre. There are over 14,500 species of animals living within the Amazon Jungle. Pink dolphins and 600 lb. lowland tapirs are just some of the specimens you will come across if you decide to make a trip down the Amazon in Peru. Unfortunately, the Amazon Jungle continues to disappear at a rate that is, for lack of a better word, frustrating. Though attempts are being made to conserve it, what you might see today could be gone tomorrow. So, book your trip now with McIntosh Travel for the Amazon in Peru and enjoy this amazing part of our planet while you can still enjoy it in all its glory.  

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