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I am dining at the Waterfront Restaurant in the Rocks Area of Sydney, and it is humming! It has taken 35 minutes to get a taxi from our hotel "The Grace" to here and we could have walked in 15. However our heels would not have made it. I cannot believe how many people are out and about-slightly more than Rotorua on a Saturday night pre Christmas. All the girls are in short pretty dresses and looking gorgeous.

The restaurant is packed, the food superb, a lot of seafood to choose from. The newly launched cruiseliner, Pacific Pearl is in dock and we are treated to a HUGE display of fireworks as she slides out into the harbour, Amongst all the glittering lights.

There are wedding parties everywhere. It feels surreal having only jetted in directly from Rotorua arriving at six o’clockish. It is so easy. No queues. No driving to Auckland and fighting the traffic. No parking issues. No requirement of check in three hours before hand. The passengers feel like my family as coming from Rotorua, we all know each other. The plane is tops-if you are allocated a “space plus” seat, there is plenty of legroom.

Use up those airpoints. Book early and get some very reasonable airfares. Contact those relations you have always thought about visiting, or treat yourself to a couple of nights in a swanky hotel, see a show, have dinner at the Rocks.

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