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An example of why travel insurance is as important as your airline ticket!

  This is why insurance is always a must....

Incident: Medical
Claim Value: $32,000

Policy Value: $946 (two adult pax + child)
Destination: South East Asia - Cambodia

 Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing this letter to pass on my sincere gratitude and thanks for the treatment I received when injured in Cambodia recently. My travel broker in Blenheim recommended a policy of yours she thought suitable to our needs. I never imagined I would ever need to use my travel insurance and when I had my accident I was so frightened about getting treatment in Cambodia.


Well, you people stepped in with the greatest professionalism and compassion, and made me feel so safe . From making sure I was flown to Bumrungrad hospital, Bangkok, to getting a hotel for my husband, making sure our son was safe in Phnom Penh, following my treatment plan, organising the financial details, helping sort out physio, making sure I could sit comfortably in the airplane and just phoning me to make sure I was OK. All this was so appreciated.


I hear of people who say travel insurance is a waste of money-it will never happen to me. Well it does happen and my family and friends will all be advocates of travel insurance from now on. I had some people say to me when I first was injured to watch the insurance, they try and get out of paying. Well they must have used a different company because your business made it all so easy with no quibbles about money. 


I am going to see a specialist in New Zealand to finish off my treatment, but I will be forever grateful to you for all you did for myself and my family. 


If ever you need to have anyone talk about your good work, please feel free to call me as I would be more than happy to endorse your product.
A very happy insuracne client

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