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Are you sure you're fully covered?

25 July 2015


So, you want to use your Credit Card Insurance for that amazing trip you've just booked. Or even that simple flight across the Tasman? Before you decide, answer these quick questions....

  • How much do you have to spend to activate it?
  • What exactly does it cover?
  • What is your policy number?
  • What is the phone number you call when you're overseas and something goes wrong?

Did you know the answers?

There's a good chance you didn't, clients often don't.... but your bank should. Check with them, and get clear on what the policy actually offers. We've found that once our clients find out the facts, they often opt to go with an alternative travel insurance for peace of mind and comprehensive cover.

Here's a handy Travel Insurance Checklist from Cover-More

How to get yourself covered

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For more information on policy options, select one of the below:

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* Thanks to Kristen Delugar, World Travellers - Best Travel for her contribution to the above.

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