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Bali – must see, must do, must go!

01 March 2002


I spent 2 weeks in Bali visiting various temples, landmarks, beaches, and trying lots of Balinese food.

We preferred to stay a little further out in Legian but still within walking distance to Kuta. Staying in Kuta you may find the crowds and beach vendors on Kuta Beach a little too much and beach is not ideal for swimming but more for surfing, which the beach is famous for. Another option is Sanur or Nusa Dua for a quieter experience.

Must Do

After some time in Legian, we travelled two hours north to the popular diving destination of Tulamben. Located on the north east coast, this area offers great diving conditions suitable for any level (as this was my first dive). I spent a day in this location diving alone on the ‘USAT Liberty’ shipwreck.  This is one of the safest wreck dives in the world. This large war victim is just meters from the shore. 

Must See

Next stop Ubud. Everyone who visits Bali MUST explore the charming streets peppered with craft studios, museums, small ‘boutique’ hotels, centuries-old temples and the Puri Saren Agung, former residence of Ubud King.  Ubud is said to be the center of arts and cultural activities in Bali and I could see why.  here we relaxed, watched a show and took in the beautiful scenery

Last stop of the day a visit to Tampaksiring, one of the islands most famous temples, and Goa Gajah - also known as the Elephant Cave, an interesting site which is a former hermitage for local Buddhist monks.

On route back to Kuta we visited the Sacred Monkey Forest. DO NOT don’t wear shades or shiny jewellery, do not feed the monkeys or have food in your pocket or bag. They will be able to smell it and they might harass you!

Must Go

Bali is great for shopping, from markets with handmade crafts to lots of surfing outlet stores. I love the Roxy outlet store here!  If you are staying in Kuta, just around the block are a lot of shops…remembered to bargain… As bargaining forms a large part of the fun of shopping in Bali, remember to carry cash, as not all places accept credit cards. Might be wise to have a look at the bills first since the notes have a lot of zeros on them........

Generally the best time to go is from May to September. But still expect some tropical rain spells during this time, especially in the mountains.I recommend transfers in Bali as them no need to haggle or queue in line for a taxi.  Finally if you have the time, extend your trip across to Gili Islands.

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