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(By Brooke Bailey)

I have travelled fairly extensively around Germany but my favourite place by far is Berlin I would say it is in my top 5 places to visit in Europe.

I visited by chance during the 20th anniversary of the Berlin wall coming down the area around the Brandenburg gate was closed to traffic and set up as a festival with beer tents, amusement park and a stage for bands it was packed with people all enjoying the festivities, even the German president was in attendance.

I stayed in East Berlin in an area called Friedrichshain close to the East side gallery it was a little way out of central Berlin but close to the Metro and I found the area really enjoyable the bars and restaurants were filled with local people you felt as if you really  in Berlin.

I was told to get to the Brandenburg gate where you will find companies that operate “free” walking tours around the city, we located a guide and off we went walking around the city we visited the main tourist sites like Checkpoint Charlie the remaining parts of the wall, Berlin Museum, Reichstag, Hitler’s tomb and so on but the highlight for me was listening to the amazing/horrific stories and the history that Berlin has been through really moved me at the end of the “free” walking tour they do request a tip if you felt you enjoyed yourself our tour lasted 3 hours and I was more than happy to part with 10 euro.

My favourite thing in Berlin was the alternative tour which was another walking tour but this time around the alternative parts of Berlin we visited amazing Art installations, sculptures and graffiti all set up in squatter’s apartments, hidden Bars and restaurants playing crazy German techno music it really was an eye-opener.

My Favorite things!

East side gallery an original piece of the wall now a mural

Reichstadt for the great architecture

Walking tour with Guide to learn about the History

German Techno!

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