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There is the saying" You get what you pay for". This is very true in travel, although there are instances when you get more than what you expect and pay for, say when you have booked with a World Traveller, and often you get less if you have booked on the net.

Mum and I have just been to Norfolk Island on a VERY GOOD DEAL, booked by me. Flights, accommodation, and rental car were thrown in. I think it is the accommodation in any holiday that makes the biggest difference.

I know from experience I should pay a little more and get accommodation with the WOW factor. What did I do this time? I took the "GOOD DEAL" The hotel is OLD. Good facilities, restaurant on site, swimming pool, lovely gardens, friendly helpful staff, but the hotel is still OLD. Our room smells! We are not sure after three days if the smell has got better or we have just got used to it. We keep the door open as much as possible to let the air flow through. The room is large and adequate, has a fridge, but the bathroom-UGH! Broken tiles, old lino, grey beaten towels, and that yellow glass of yesteryear. We are in the standard garden room. For $15 .00 a night more we could be in a superior room. Our room is dark and to top it off there are builders working outside all day from 7.00am to 5.00pm. Hence the "good deal".

We met two ladies at dinner on our first night, who booked their Norfolk Island package on the internet. "It was such a good deal!" Their hotel is worse than ours. They have a damp, smelly, dark room. No restaurant. No rental car. They are brought to our hotel by shuttle each morning and night for meals. Our conversation at dinner that first night got me thinking.

Your holiday is important. It is a break. It is hard earned. It will be memories. If you are booking on the internet, how do you know you have got "value"? Take a bit of planning time, and pay a little more to stay somewhere nice, in the best location. It will make a huge difference to your holiday experience. This is what your World Traveller can help you with.

How many prospective travellers do we speak to daily who say "do not worry about the accommodation, we only want somewhere to put our heads"

Your accommodation is the most important part of your holiday. It sets the scene. It affects how you feel about a destination. It is the "Wow" Factor or the "UGH" factor!

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