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(By Brooke Bailey)

A truly stunning stretch of coastline highway you definitely want to take you time driving leaving the golden gate bridge behind we drove south towards Santa Cruz and onto beautiful Monterey we strolled around the lovely buildings mixing with the rich and famous back on the road we hit what is called the big Sur with steep mountains on one side of the car and crashing waves on the other the surfers were queued up for the waves below us.

It is a rather difficult stretch of road to drive so you do want to make sure you allow plenty of time by the time we arrived into Cambria which is roughly half way between San Francisco and Los Angeles it had gone dark which was very disappointing and I wished we had allowed more time for the drive, we stayed the night in Cambria at the Pines lodge it was basic accommodation but fine for the one night.

The next morning we continued our drive to Los Angeles via Santa Barbara and my first glimpse of the famous beaches of Los Angeles like Malibu and then onto Venice beach where I had a great time on the pier and sneaking photos of the body builders on Muscle beach.

The drive was a great way to see a different side of California and I would really recommend it! just take your time!

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