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Blair's Ayers Rock Expedition

06 May 2013

Blair Huston (Fortis Travel's Managing Director) speaks about his recent trip to Ayers Rock

I recently attended a regional IT conference in Ayers Rock representing Fortis Travel. Getting to Ayers Rock in one day usually means catching that God awful early morning Qantas flight to Sydney. I skilfully averted the early start by flying to Sydney for a night on the way over. Had a great dinner at Sailors Thai at the Rocks. It is the best Thai in Sydney and I highly recommend it.

I always try and get a window seat for flights over Australia, as I am captivated by Australia’s sparse beauty. On this particular flight Lake Eyre was a highlight. I have been to Ayers Rock once before, but never get tired of the incredible colours, the rich red soil and the bright blue sky. Plus, the 30 degree temperature was a wonderful change from Auckland’s cold drizzly weather.

The conference itself was very interesting, and winning one of the top awards at the awards ceremony really made it worthwhile attending. I met two people who I found incredibly interesting to chat to, one was Jessica Watson who was the youngest person to ever sail around the world single handed and the other was our key note speaker Graham (Scroo) Turner, who was the founding father and current CEO of Flight Centre.

The Sails in the Dessert Hotel once again proved to be a very capable conference type hotel, nothing flashy, but provided competent facilities. One other highlight for me was the Sound of Silence dinner where I dined under the canopy of the dessert skies.

All in all, I highly recommend Ayers Rock as a mid-level conference facility. It’s not too difficult to get to and most certainly leaves you with a completely different experience than the well-worn tracks of Brisbane, Queenstown or Fiji.

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