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On this website the Galaxy Team have profiles of where we have travelled.


I boast of my overland adventure by truck, 30,000 miles from London to Kathmandu. There is also a photo of our company landrover named “Jimmy” after the intrepid Explorer James Cook.

This has led to a meeting with a very intrepid Rotorua resident who came in to our office a couple of weeks and introduced himself. Ian was a driver for an Overland company from 1971 to 1978. He got the job by chance catching up with an acquaintance in England who worked for an Overland Expedition company, and were short of a driver with mechanical experience. We had a great time reminiscing over our adventures. For me, travelling the route in 1984, my stories did not get close to Ian’s for “randomness” and risk. He could have kept me entertained all day. He also gave me a print out of an “Overland” Newsletter with a picture of Sherpa Tensing Norgay in Nepal in 1940. There is also a story of a couple of travellers driving a second hand landrover in 1958 aged 18. They went on to form Penn Overland Tours.

Overland expeditions still exist today and are a very cost effective and safe way to travel through countries which would not be so hospitable to single travellers.

They are basic-even rough, but would be luxurious compared to the trips in years gone by. With sophisticated communication systems, repairs, and back up, is much easier.

And then at the recent finale of the Winter Enduro Mountainbike Bike Series, I met a man who had CYCLED from Cairo to Capetown! A mere 40,000 miles.

So my overland story, which I am so proud of, pales 

in significance against other adventures happening around us.

One thing for sure, travel is a passion. It is a privilege to work in the industry every day and dream about the next adventure.

Every day is an adventure at my desk.

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