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Track abundant wildlife through some of Africa’s most beautiful subtropical wilderness in Botswana’s national reserves, which make up 17% of the country.

Discover a land of huge contrasts – from the vast plains of the Kalahari Desert to the lush Okavango Delta to the immense Makgadikgadi pans. Crystal clear channels of water spread over the Kalahari, creating wide, grassy floodplains that host a magnificent array of wild animals.

Admire the birdlife in this superb birding country, home to the coppery-tailed coucal, carmine bee-eater and violet-eared waxbill.

Travel by comfortable land rovers over soft sand, through deep waters for miles and dodge the dense bush and trees. Flying over the Okavango Delta is quick, easy and most importantly gives you some of the most magnificent views and understanding of this unbelievable delta. From the air you will see the vehicle tracks, but just as clearly you will see the hippo tracks meandering

through the water in search for their evening meals as you low fly over a small portion of the area. Our tour took us to several different camps all specialising in something different. These lodges cater for everyone from luxury to middle of the road to camping out in the wilderness. You are the most important person in all of Botswana as far as the lodge staff are concerned.

Lion, cheetah, leopard and African wild dog share the floodplains with large herds Of elephant and buffalo. Hippo inhabit the deeper channels and lagoons, while honey badgers can be seen in broad daylight. Tall termite mounds are homes for families of dwarf and banded mongoose.

Experience the delicate details for the glistening waterways on a mokoro ride, where iridescent dragonflies, frogs of every colour and jewel-like kingfishers live in the papyrus-lined banks.

During the rainy season, Savute, a famous corner of Chobe National Park, hosts the annual zebra migrations. In January and February the zebra and wildebeest congregate in vast numbers to graze on the sweeter grasses brought on by the rains.

The landscape of Savute is strikingly different from the lush Chobe riverfront, with an almost desert-like feeling.

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