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Business Class Travel with Emirates

13 December 2011

Emirates - Air Travel in Style & Comfort – Business Class

One of the burdens of overseas travel is to know that you have a 24+ hour journey to make and that it is all going to be in a cramped Economy class seat with who know who sitting next to you encroaching on your space. I recently flew to Melbourne – only 4 hours – and yet on the row in front of me was a lady battling for her space with a passenger who was clearly way too big for the seat he was sitting in – imagine if she had to endure that all the way to London!! These thoughts could be with you from the moment you actually make your reservation, so the travelling part of the trip may not be something to be looking forward to!!

Contrast this experience with a trip I recently undertook to the UK travelling with the award winning Emirates in Business Class. I was excited about the journey from the moment it was discussed and booked and for good reason. We were to travel on the new Emirates Airbus A380 – the double decker – which boasts one of finest Business Class experiences you can have in the sky.

The Check-in and Lounge Experience

The experience begins long before you get on the plane. Check-in at Auckland Airport at the Business Class desks is trouble and crowd free. With an immigration pre-screening counter adjacent to the check-in desk this allows you to ‘fast track’ through security and immigration once you get upstairs. The result of this is that within 15 minutes of arriving at Auckland Airport we were sitting in the Emirates Business Class Lounge – my wife with a glass of Moet in hand and myself with Cloudy Bay Sav - if you preference is for Red there was Amisfield Pinot Noir from Central Otago. Of course there was hot and cold food available, soft drinks and spirits along with magazines, newspapers, toilets, showers, a business center to catch up on those e-mails and tv’s to keep up to date with the news. All this against a backdrop of comfortable leather chairs, sofas, a relaxing massaging chair, tastefully decorated with art and sculptures and of course the ever present smiling, friendly and helpful Emirates staff.

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