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​Case Study: The Travel Advisor as creative genius

13 August 2015

'We want to go to Africa with all the family… before they fly the nest!'

Warwick Palmer had grand plans for a final family adventure before his adult children moved out of home. But a family is made up of all types of personalities and Africa’s a huge continent with a multitude of choices and challenges, so he turned to travel advisor Lynette Giles to tailor the perfect package.

“I had this initial thought that Africa was the way to go for this last family holiday. We've booked a number of trips with Lynette over the years and she has an extremely good understanding of our lifestyle and what we want from a holiday. She’s also very diplomatic about budget restrictions and her suggestions are always spot-on.

“Although it was my idea to look at Africa, it was Lynette who suggested we start with the very luxurious Elephant Camp Victoria Falls, then slot in a Botswana safari which worked better with the kids’ budgets, and end the trip off with a stay at Sun City. The whole itinerary was so well thought through and flowed beautifully. The Elephant Camp was an absolutely fabulous introduction to Africa, and following the safari up with a Sun City stay was the perfect contrast to the bush and dust of our Botswana experience. The only complaint we had was that Sun City didn’t have enough cocktails!

“We love to do things that are out of the ordinary, and Lynette just always gets it right. Next on the list is either a trip to catch up with our daughter in Madagascar, or possibly India! Either way, I’m sure Lynette will have some superb recommendations for us.”

THE FIXER: Travel advisor Lynette Giles understands the demands of organising trips for large families and groups but knows she can take the pain out of the process to deliver seamless solutions and magical memories. And her top tip for a trip to Africa? “Make sure you really experience Africa. Apart from the wonderful wildlife you’ll see from a vehicle or your camp site, take any opportunity you can to meet the locals. That’s what will cement your memories of Africa.”

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