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C'est Bon Tahiti

21 October 2011


I am writing an article on Tahiti to correct some myths that should be refuted.

The myths:

1. Papeete is dirty, noisy and unattractive. I disagree.

2. The climate is hot and humid and unpleasant. Untrue, well certainly at the time of year we went. It was a pleasant 28-30 by day and around 24 at night (September)

3. Tahiti is very expensive. Accommodation, yes. But if you are prepared to do a bit of self Catering, and dine away from the resort at some of the more reasonably priced cafe/bistros then it doesn't have to be.

On the accommodation. Of course the Overwater Bungalow's are the most expensive, but for anyone keen on swimming and snorkelling well worth the extra cost because of ease of access to the lagoon and good snorkelling right below the bungalow.

After visiting Papeete, Moorea, Tikehau and Bora Bora, I would reshape the itinerary to look like this:

*Two nights Papeete-Hotel Tahiti Nui-request a suite at the back of the property s it is situated on a busy road. We found Papeete busy and bustling with a laid back feel.

Streets are clean and the shops are bright and modern. Staff in the cafe’s and shops are friendly.

Dine out at one of the many good restaurants in town. I would recommend L’o a la Bouche to anyone.

Highly recommended dishes are the Mahimahi, Blue fin Tuna, Duck breast and all desserts.

*Four nights Moorea Sofitel A superior Overwater bungalow. Book overwater bungalows early,

And get deals with meals included or nights for free. Also if you stay with one chain of hotels throughout you can get combination deals which means better prices. Rudy’s Restaurant in Maharepa Village will collect you from your hotel and deliver you back again. Very good food.

*Nine nights Bora Bora. We would split the stay between 5 nights at Sofitel (choose the Main island instead of staying

On the Motu (Small island) and four nights at the Hilton Bora Bora. The Motu off the Sofitel is fantastic snorkelling.

Watch out for coral scrapes at low tide-can be painful.

*Two nights Papeete at the end at the Tahiti Nui again.

We have been to most Pacific Islands now,and Tahiti is by far the best. With forward planning

And shopping at the local stores, it does not have to be expensive.

C’est Bonne!

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