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Vanesha’s story - a past valued staff member
I always thought that I would go there one day, you know the whole bucket list thing...but when presented with the opportunity to go there, I was hesitant...
Will any one understand me? Will I be able to find food that suits me? Will I even feel safe? And getting around (was something that I didn’t even want to think about on my own).
But I should not have even worried for a second!!
I went with CTS (ChinaTravelServices) who took care of everything!!  They provided a package with transfers, accommodation, and meals. They also had an amazing guide arranged for us who spokegreat English, and we felt very special to have her.
On our first day we stood in awe on the Great Wall, it is incredible to believe that this was all handmade and even still standing after all this time. We went to the Juyong Guan section of the Great Wall which is 2.5hrs out of Chengdu and is the most original part, and not at all crowded (with the Beijing section of the wall, you almost have to push your way through the crowds).
We had gained some Mongolian friends along the way which was great company! They told us all about the history & which side of the wall was Chinese and which side was built by the Mongolian people. After a while we realised that they were not just our new friends but were walking with us so we could buy their souvenir books!! Which was a small price to pay for the information that we got (One of the ladies was in her 70’s! and fitter than me!!)
When you get up to the top it’s very hard to describe the sereneness looking out at the wall stretching out for miles and disappearing behind the beautiful green mountains.
Almost as a reward they have a small shop there where you can buy Cold Beer’s!!!
Climbing the great wall can be very challenging (or you can just cheat and take the Gondola!!) But is definitely one to tick off the bucket list!!
Look out for part two of my China trip!!

[Part 2] Nee How!!! (Hello). I always thought that I wasn’t a group tour person, but I found that the best part of my trip was travelling in a group that I have never met before!! (read more)


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