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I am lying on a leather bench in the China Airlines transit area in Taoyuan Airport, Taipei, Taiwan. It is 4.15am. I have just flown in from Auckland-3hours flying to Sydney, Two hours transit, and then 9 hours to Taipei. The airport is cold but spotless. It is dark and raining outside. I left 25 degrees in Auckland. I have 4 hours to wait for my flight to Sapporo, Japan where I am going to ski for 6 days. All work!

China Airlines have been great. I had no expectations. They are on time. Their crew are very polite and offer good service. Their interior cabins are well maintained. The movie selection is very good! All the latest. Touch screens that work. Standard airline food-a choice of fish or chicken..I get fish three times in a row as the chicken ran out!

I chose China Airlines for three reasons-arrival and departure times to and from Chitose Airport, Hokkaido. I have to travel by coach for three hours so flight times are important. Ok connections. China Airlines provides A transit area in Taipei with paid showers if required. I also notice a transit hotel I may utilise on my return. Price-paid approximately NZD1500.00 return. Only drawback-it is a long way to Northern Japan with the stopovers factored in.

As I float into sleep I hear Lorde singing “Royals” coming over the speaker system in the distance somewhere.  It makes me smile. I am in Taiwan at 4.00am, and a Kiwi popstar is on the radio! It is a small world.

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