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We are perched in a suite on the 8th floor (top) at the Renaissance Hotel and Spa, Haitang Bay, Sanya, Hainan Island, China. Latitude 18 degrees North. Same as Honolulu, and the Maldives. It is September. The days have been sunny although hazy at times, and the temperatures in the 30’s. It is very quiet. This hotel has 500 plus rooms and only 20 of them are full right now. We are told from October it will get busy, as autumn and winter arrives in other parts of China. Our view is over the South China Sea, and a golden beach stretching 15 kms. The hotel boasts the largest swimming pool in Asia (?) (I cannot remember that fact!) and the largest presidential suite too.

We were greeted on arrival by the Australian General Manager, and the Australian Food and Beverage Manager. They seem incredibly friendly and have invited us to drinks at 5.30 in the Starfish Bar. I think they are thankful to meet some neighbours from the Southern Hemisphere. We mentioned the rugby and they countered with the cricket.

We have been on Hainan Island for our World Travellers Conference. We flew in to Haikou in the north, and drove the 300kms South just to be shown the incredible two laned freeway dissecting the island from North to South. We have two journalists from New Zealand with us, and also a representative from the Hainan Island government. We have been driven all over, and proudly shown the sights. For our first three nights we stayed about 30kms away at Yalong Bay, at the Ritz Carlton. Absolutely Stunning! Once again a stunning white sand beach, but we gravitate to the pool and wallow in our free time.

We all agree this is definitely an option for kiwis wanting a beach holiday in winter. We do not see many “Round Eyes” and English is not widely understood. But we get by with sign language and smiles. We feel like we are escaping the rat race. The weather is reliable, the beaches beautiful and uncrowded, the swimming pools spectacular, the hotel rooms stunning. 5 star accommodation at two star prices.

Heading to the Beach? Think outside the square and visit your World Traveller specialist for a package to Yalong Bay or Haitang Bay. Its all here waiting for you.

Travel tips for your China Beach Escape:

English is not spoken.

We can advise on ways to avoid the requirement of a visa.

We have experienced the destination and can advise you on the best option to suit your needs. We’re World travellers just like you!

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