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My second China Experience. The first adventure in 2008 pre Olympics. Craig and I and our boys aged 15 and 13 travelled to Shanghai, Beijing, Xian and Hong Kong . The family explore. This visit Guangzhou for one night, and six nights Hainan Island in two different locations. The Beach Escape.

How to get it right? You need to consult your World Traveller Specialist We have just had 20 of us experiencing a destination not frequented by Kiwis. A destination worth frequenting.

Some issues stand out when making your Chinese plans. Which destination? Tour or independent? Location of hotels? Standard of hotels? Value for money? Are you getting the solution to match your expectations? What are your expectations? Do you want to book online to save those precious yuans?

We have noticed in our industry the increase of people travelling and making their own arrangements for a variety of reasons. We are World Travellers too, and can offer you security, accuracy and reliability. A great feeling in a foreign place with little English.

Its your choice. Travel with the fear of what you have booked being wrong, and finding out it is, and either fix the problem or have a not so expected experience for your time and yuan investment. Or travel with the confidence you have matched your wants and needs to the destination, location and price, and enjoy the experience, with the knowledge there is some one to contact if required.

China is an exciting destination with huge variety to offer. Culture-the Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors, The Three Gorges Dam and The Yangzte River. Special interest options of golf, skiing or Formula One motor racing. Combine either of these with a few days rest and relaxation at the beach. Go shopping. A land of contrast every direction you turn your head. We watched a lavish wedding with movie cameras on a boom, 200 helium balloons, opulence, while in the background a little Chinese lady with a coolie hat squatted on the grass and dug the weeds out of the surrounding grass lawn by hand. You will see a Bentley passing a bicycle with the goods precariously balanced. A bullet train streaming passed a field being hand ploughed by Water buffalo. Everywhere, you will receive the smiles of a people not understanding your words but trying to understand your needs.

Just take your World Travellers experience with you. You will be thankful.

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