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Ann McIntosh

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Chitabe camp is a luxurious eight roomed tented camp built on an island in the Okavango Delta which borders the Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana.

Each tented room has en-suite facilities with flush toilets and both indoor and outdoor showers. It has spectacular game viewing and guides and it was during our first game drive at Chitabe that we came across a pair of mating lions. Our guide explained that six months previously the two older male lions of the pride were “chased out” by four younger males who took over the pride and this was the first time one of the lioness’s had come on heat. Impala took off in the distance and the lions chased off to investigate. We followed however became bogged in the soft sand and had to be towed out. This was just before sunset so we stayed in the vehicle, opened the bar and had early sundowners while we waited for rescue. The lioness, when she retraced her steps, wasn’t too perturbed by us, she wandered around the vehicle then went back to her mate who by this time had taken a different route back to their special area.

We heard that a lioness in the pride had killed a Kudu to feed herself and her three young cubs so we went out early in the morning to look for them.Chitabe Camp Botswana We smelt the kill long before we saw it – there were vultures all over the remains and they really are ugly! A male lion was nearby eating – we thought it was from the kill however it was one of the cubs. The new lions had killed the cubs as they belonged to the old lions who had been chased from the pride. Our guide was visibly upset, as he had seen them almost daily since they were born. As we were leaving the area, we came across the cubs mother carrying one of the dead cubs in her mouth. She just stood next to the vehicle looking at us with such a sad expression on her face. It was a very  moving experience and a reminder that the animal world can be very cruel.

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