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Chris discovers Guadalajara in Mexico

In 2016, I travelled to Guadalajara to attend Mexico's annual 3 day wholesale/retail fair Tianguis Turistico Mexico, plus experience the surrounding area including Tlaquepaque, Tapalpa Pueblo Magico, Ajijic and Tequila.

It was a great trip & fantastic week that included music, culture, art, food, tequila and fun times.

The annual fair hosts over a 1,000 delegates in a massive trade fair complex that included a lunch with Mexico's President and his wife. There was also two evenings hosted by regions of Mexico - all keenly supported by tequila! I had 27 x 30 minute appointments with various regional tourism offices and land based operators, meaning I came away with a lot more knowledgeable on Mexico than from my previous two visits many years ago.

On day four, myself and 11 others explored Guadalajara City and Tlaquepaque. We then travelled the 133 kms to Tapalpa Pueblo Magico, staying the night before heading to Ajijic by Lake Chapala and then back onto Guadalajara. Day six came with a 9am start on board the Jose Cuevo Express to Tequila (52kms away, only operate Saturdays), which was a neat town and a definite MUST for lovers of tequila! The train returned to Guadalajara at 8pm with many happy people aboard!

Highlights of the trip were mingling with a variety of Mexican people, learning about their culture and food, wandering around the city of Guadalajara & enjoying the mix of old buildings and art work on display (particularly the work of Jose Clemente Orozco - stunning!), and drinking tequila with lunch, in Tequila, while listening to Mariachi Tequila!

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