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Christmas Card from A World Traveller

20 December 2011


 We sailed from Rome one hot sunny day

Cocktails, coronas, ate food all the way

For a week, round the balmy blue Med.

And then, theres the rugby the boys said.

So onto a train-(quick, hurry-can't be late)

To watch our boys play-it really was great,

Then to Florence, St David and a wee bit of shopping

On to Venice, by train, without stopping

Where we did what people told us we oughta

Rode on a gondola on streets that were water

A band played while we sat and had drinks in a square

Then by boat to the airport – we were pleased to get there.

Then off to a very hot place called Dubai

And up a tall building that reached to the sky

Then we rode on a camel on very soft sand

Belly danced with a lady (but not from that land.)

Now once more it’s the time when Christmas is here

So hope this wee poem will bring some good cheer

To a wonderful lady called Jo in a shop

Who arranged it all for us so it all went non stop.

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