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Travelling to Colorado in February to experience the snow, I was told that I would also be able to experience Marijuana, as it is legalised in the state of Colorado. I was also told there was a café in Aspen, where everything sold had marijuana in it! I didnt find such as café-they were all pretty normal as far as I could tell.

But on our last day, walking along the street, I spied a blackboard on the footpath indicating a marijuana shop upstairs. I mentioned I was going to do some “Research” and up the stairs I headed!

I felt old and stupid and uncomfortable. I was asked to show ID to prove I was over 18??? What had they been smoking?? I had 100 stupid questions. What? How? Where? Why? I could have bought some cookies to “sample” but really did not feel comfortable at all with the concept. I then spied another Marijuana shop and another. People going in and out. Common. Normal. Part of every day life in Colorado. Just like lunch really.

What worried me. After watching Border Patrol on TV and also having already had my palms swabbed going through one of the airports, testing for explosives, I was sure someone somewhere between the USA and the NZ border would pull me up for traces of marijuana.

So I did not sample the wares. I am still not sure if I agree or not with it being legal. It will be interesting to see if other states follow, or New Zealand?

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