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Cook Islands & Rarotonga

05 June 2013

Some great feedback from leisure clients, back from a great getaway to the Islands! Where did you go, and how long did you go for?  

Cook Islands – Rarotonga for 8 days.


What was the best part of the trip?

Relaxing and seeing a new place.


Was was the most memorable night of your trip?

A cultural night is a must do for the taste of the local food and dance.


What things would you recommend to a fellow traveller when going on the same trip?

Definitely hire a scooter as it makes it easier to get around the Island and you can drive around at your own leisure not having to rely on the bus service or expensive taxis. Also a good idea to take your own dairy products such as cheese, yoghurt, milk etc… as these products are very costly when buying from the supermarket.




Posted on behalf of Jason & Sabrina


cook islands + raro

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