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Croatia – August 2013

In August this year I spent 4 amazing weeks in Croatia. Just 1.5 hours drive from Split airport on the Adriatic coast was the lovely little  town of Tucepi located on the Makarska Riviera.

With its picturesque mountain (Biokovo) and beautiful sea it was sure to be a great few weeks. We had an apartment to stay in which was located about 100 metres from the beach and across the road was a little store which has everything from bread, cheese and salami to beer and wine so we had everything at hand.

August had been pretty warm with the temperature being in the late 30’s for the first few days which dropped to late 20’s for the latter part of our stay so most days were spent down at the beach swimming or relaxing. Most beaches over there have pebbles instead of sand so you can hire a sun lounger or purchase a lilo from the local market stalls.

 Heading down to the Riviera it is lined with cafes, restaurants and shops in both directions and you could eat somewhere new twice a day and still not cover off every single place.

From Tucepi we did a few day trips out to the nearby islands being Korcula, Hvar and Brac. Lunch was included which was fish/chicken and salad with local wine. As you passed the different towns along the coast they would play different music that represented each place so an enjoyable day out.

There was a local bus that ran and would take you to the Markaska which was the next village along. This was much bigger than Tucepi and also had the main bus depot so you could take a bus into Split or Dubrovnik amongst other areas in the region for a very good price.

On this trip we hired a taxi for the day and decided to head inland to the largest national park in Croatia being Plitvice Lakes. It took 3.5-4 hours and unfortunately the weather was not playing game as it decided to rain on our arrival. We only managed to walk 1.5 hours of the park however even in the pouring rain we could see just how beautiful it was.

Croatia joined the EU mid year so there were a few changes taking place however it hadn’t stopped the locals from selling the produce they grew in their gardens so every day we would head out to purchase  freshly picked figs, nectarines, tomatoes etc and boy did they taste good .

 The local currency is the Kuna (HRK) and our dollar is very good value for money. NZD25 worked out to HRK100 and a meal out with a drink in the evening would cost approx. HRK70 so just under NZD15 making it very affordable.

Croatia is a beautiful destination with so much history and culture on hand. This was my second visit and I still have so much to see and explore but can definitely say it is one of my favourite places.

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