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River cruising has become very popular over the last few years so I decided it was time I checked one out.  I chose an APT cruise from Budapest to Vilshofen aboard AMACerto travelling through Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Czech Republic and Germany. 

With a maximum of 164 passengers, you’ll find river cruising an intimate experience.  By the time we disembarked, we’d met so many lovely and interesting people that I felt like we knew nearly everyone onboard. There’s very much a family feel about it all.

Our first night on the ship was in Budapest.  The captain very kindly took us for a ‘drive-by’ – or rather, a ‘sail-by’ - past the parliament buildings and what a sight they were all lit up! I think it’s one of the most stunning buildings I’ve ever seen and a great start to the cruise. 

Over the next seven days we saw a combination of gorgeous cities, medieval towns and magnificent cathedrals.  Some of these places were so off the tourist trail that you would never normally go to them, but I have to say that those were some of my favourites.

Here are a few reasons that make river cruising so great:

  • It’s gentle cruising so no need to worry about getting seasick
  • You get to visit some stunning small towns that you would probably normally by-pass
  • The small and intimate nature of the ships gives it a family feel… and no queuing for meals!
  • It’s all inclusive - most include all sightseeing, gourmet meals and beverages during lunch and dinner
  • Seeing the countryside from the river is a unique experience
  • You practically arrive right into the town you are visiting

I really enjoyed my first taste of river cruising and can't wait to do my next. If you want to try a River Cruise, then give us a call; we’ll have you on one in no time.  

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