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In October, I spent 4 nights on board Captain Cooks' Reef Endeavour cruising the Yasawa Islands of Fiji.

Our days consisted of breakfast, activity off the ship, lunch, activity off the ship, dinner, bed.

Sounds same, same and slightly boring?? Absolutely not!! Each day was very different, exciting, interesting, sometimes physically tiring and never a dull moment.

We visited some stunning remote islands, met the locals in the villages, swam in warm and crystal clear waters, snorkelled amazing coral with equalling amazing fish, “dry snorkelled” from the ships' glass bottom boat, climbed mountains and swam in underground caves.

We danced with the locals, sang with the children at their school, learnt about the marine life from a marine biologist, joked around and had fun with the wonderful crew and got some great R&R on beautiful beaches or on the deck of the ship.

If you have visited Fiji before and would like something different to do and see – this is definitely a great way to explore more of the “real” Fiji.

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