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Bikes and maps all sorted we are on our way! Feels so different to mountain biking as we cruise on our gel seats and touring tyres (no big nobbles) on paved or sealed cycle-ways! This country is a cyclist’s heaven with wonderful scenery and history everywhere. With lakes, rivers and canals everywhere we managed to have two swim stops (clothed unlike some others on the track!).

From the colourless city of Berlin we are now loving the beautiful coloured flower gardens and painted the numerous villages we pass through. The trails are uncrowded and so are all the little villages so very rarely do we have issues with traffic

Our Hotels have been stunning – from modern to antique to quirky, with amazing breakfast buffets to fill us up for the day (or nearly – lots of energy needed as we are averaging 60km+ per day!). A warm, sunny garden setting for a beer and a wine has been ‘appeared’ each night and is the perfect way to finish each day.

Leaving Rostok

A short ride to the ferry to cross to Denmark from Rostock (a large sea port town in Germany). Lovely cycle-ways with forested areas and crop fields where the view of wheat, barley, corn and turnips (plus wind farms for power) go for as far as the eye can see! Also, many fields of clover flowers and lots of delicious clover honey . We ride a side trip to a seaside resort on the Southern most coast of Denmark – the beach is lovely but crowded (this is a hot Sunday) but there are plenty of cafes to find some shade. We soon discover that food and drink here is EXPENSIVE! They don’t have Euros and they are pretty much a cashless society…. One beer, an orange drink, a tomato salad and a hamburger (without chips!) cost 284K (krona), approx.NZ$60 – so we have now decided to visit a supermarket to buy bread, cheese and tomatoes for picnic lunches!!

Fortunately tap water is great in both countries and free….

After a night in our ‘least stunning’ hotel we leave early for a big ride up the coast of the Baltic Sea. Temps are cooler, wind is higher (but we are lucky to have a tail wind most of the day) and the trails meander through lovely remote (no traffic) coastal villages, with many lovely thatched roof houses and again many lovely home gardens and a stunning coastline similar to our west-coast. We are now travelling through the southern islands of Denmark (Falster, Bogo, Mon etc) – at one point we need to catch a little ferry across the water (giving our legs a rest!), then we have to ride a causeway for about 5kms – the first piece of open road without a cycleway, but drivers here are very courteous to cyclists.

At our next Hotel on the coast, we have a room with a deck right on the edge a golf course beside the sea– a resort we would be happy to stay at longer, but no we must cycle on! Just when we thought this trip was a ‘cruise’ we have a really tough day – the temps have plummeted to 16 degrees and the wind is up to 40-45 km/hr (they call it moderate!) and mostly as a head wind. Travelling over a long bridge we even had to get off and walk as we were too scared we may get blown off the bridge! Some more lovely coasts, but certainly no thoughts of swimming today! After cycling 60kms in 6 hours and still another 40kms to go we were extremely happy to take a short cut –BY TRAIN - fortunately this was an option we were told about!

We have finally arrived in Copenhagen (still standing!) to a crowded city of people, bikes, cars and boats – harbours and canals seem to appear everywhere. Looking forward to exploring this fascinating city.

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