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Dining out in Bali

08 March 2012


Dining out in Bali

Dining out by Bali's beaches is definitely a highlight, you can choose from traditional warungs right through to a sophisticated range of high end dining options.

Seminyak, just north of kuta, boasts the best range of restaurants, including the popular Ku De Ta, La Lucciola, Gado Gado, Sarong and the romantic Living Room. Prices are at the higher end of the spectrum, but they are stunning locations with a high level of service and food.

If you are looking for mid-range options, restaurants recommended along Jalan Oberoi include Trattoria, Rumours and Ultimo; while Jalan Pantai Atjuna offers a great selection of cheap eats and bars, where you can watch the world go by along Legian Beach.

And speaking of beaches, the nightly seafood warungs set up on the sand, literally, at Jimbaran Bay are another quintessential Bali highlight. The tables and chairs are set up each evening, sometimes almost down to the water's edge.

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