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When Hamilton-based Richard Carlson of Greenlea Premier Meats Ltd attempted to find a local travel agent he was thwarted by poor service, until he looked up an old friend 300km away.

“I previously worked for a Hawke’s Bay company that relied on Best Travel for its travel arrangements. I knew I could trust Frazer’s service and expertise, so rather than continue to approach Hamilton travel agents, I asked Frazer for support,” says Richard, Greenlea’s Sales Manager.

Richard had been surprised to find most travel agents decidedly ho-hum about providing regular international booking services. “We are a busy dynamic company and clients expect us to visit them in their country and talk to them face to face. We needed a travel agent who understands this and can provide service promptly without any hassles.”

Frazer now routinely organises the company’s travel throughout Asia, North America and the Pacific. The arrangements are seamlessly conducted via email and over the phone. “Distance doesn’t come into it, for us it’s about service and about getting essential travel organised effortlessly,” confirms Richard.

Greenlea Premier Meats exports high-end chilled beef to discerning connoisseurs worldwide. Client visits by Greenlea’s sales and marketing staff are key to the company’s success and commitment to deliver quality products. The company’s Morrinsville and Hamilton-based plants each process 80,000 cattle per year.

Greenlea’s travel arrangements can be complicated including as many as twelve flights and transfers in each trip. The Greenlea sales and marketing team makes a total of eight trips a year. In addition, the CEO and the operations staff make several trips.

“Since my initial search for a travel agent we have been approached by travel agents now keen to gain our business. I think this speaks volumes about appreciating potential clients’ needs and being able to respond efficiently, right from their initial enquiry. For us, the name Best says it all.”

Published in Best's September 2011 newsletter

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