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Dracula's Caberet Gold Coast

02 November 2010


This was something completely unexpected and a great little add on to any Gold Coast holiday – only for adults though, and might not be to everyone’s taste... It’s “Dinner theatre meets Rocky Horror!”

Draculas Castle

We dressed for dinner, and then arrived at Dracula’s “Castle” where we were shown into a small eerie reception room surrounded by coffins, candles and other spooky decor, all the while being introduced to the Draculas experience by a “Riff Raff-ish” character who then ushered us into the bar area for pre-dinner drinks. The waiters and bar staff were all dressed in a variety of spooky costumes and kept to the roles that they were playing, all the while managing to serve you as though it were completely normal.

We then went through in two’s in little bumper cars on train tracks to the huge double level dining room and were ushered to our tables by our waiters. (I won’t spoil the surprise en-route for you; you have to experience it yourself!)

We had a yummy three course meal, ending off with little chocolate coffins filled with cream, all the while being entertained by the actors and singers on stage. All in all it was a very entertaining and eventful evening and I would recommend it as a fun evening out, especially if you have a group of friends travelling together. The shows themselves change every so often, so if you have already been, it may just be worth another visit the next time you are holidaying in the Gold Coast.

Please chat to us about adding this onto your Gold Coast holiday!

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