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Dreamworld and Whitewater World

01 November 2010


Unfortunately the weather didn’t play along the day that we visited Dreamworld and Whitewater World, but we had a great time all the same.


There are so many things to see at Dreamworld; from the shopping and huge variety of eateries to a multitude of Wildlife experiences like Koala cuddling, kangaroo and crocodile feeding and Tiger presentations (well worth it, but try and get there early for a good seat) Wiggles World will entertain the littlies and of course... the rides!

Some are definitely not for the fainthearted (skip the Tower of Terror now operating in reverse!) but there are quite a few family rides too. Try the riverboat for some relaxing scenery or AVPX (which is Alien Vs Predator Vs YOU) for a laser battle which was great fun too.

Whitewater World

Flowrider was very popular as well; a sort of combined surfing/skating experience so make sure you bring along your togs. It’s also almost next to the entrance that links Dreamworld to Whitewater World, so after visiting the rides in the morning use your WorldPass and cool off on some of the water rides next door. Again, there are so many to choose from... the Wedgie, The Green Room, Supertubes and more! And everyone in the family is catered for.

I would suggest 2 days to really get the most of both parks, so add a ticket or two to your Gold Coast holiday before you go. Just ask for more details and pricing.

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