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Day 1

It’s 5.30am and we arrive at Dubai off the connecting Emirates flight from Brisbane and leaving the airport the heat instantly hits us. Welcome to Dubai in May – 40 degrees expected! I’m here with many many travel agents for a fun filled 3 day adventure in this city.

We get to our hotel – The Meydan, about 20 mins from town (located by the racecourse – very popular in March when the racing is on) and it gets the wow factor. Quick stop in our hotel rooms then back on the bus... I notice all the signs in English & Arabic, the countryside is very desert like, pale sand with small scrubs/bushes. Not much greenery or trees, total contrast to NZ.

We arrive in downtown Dubai, walk through Dubai Mall and come to stand in front of the 828 metre tall Burj Khalifa (tallest building in the world). Wow, some amazing architecture there. It has apartments that people live in & the branded Armani hotel. We take the lift to the 124th floor (not that it feels like you move that far) and step out on the observation deck (has glass) and this gives us great birds eye view of Dubai.... Wonderful.

We are then given a tour through Dubai Mall (largest in the world).This is huge and many different areas – branded like Gucci, Louis Vitton to kids shops to local Dubai shops and then there’s the attractions inside the mall! KidZania is an amazing indoor setting where kids can pretend to work in different occupations at all the little shops throughout it. There is even an aquarium & ice rink inside the mall too.

That afternoon saw us head to Wild Wadi Water Park while some others in the group went to the Atlantis water park. On the way we saw they have air conditioned bus stops! Its a small area with doors that you can see out of & be kept nice & cool while waiting! The water park was fun- full of slides, lazy river, wave pool, a pool to try your hand at surfing or even a fish spa where little fish nibble at your feet!

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