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I collected Craig from Auckland airport last Thursday, arriving from a three and a half week trip of a life time to Europe. This journey has been in the planning for years because every time the subject of travelling to Europe came up in our Corbett household, I was always reminded how many times I have been to Europe (Three) and how many times Craig had been there (None)! So when the opportunity came up for Craig to join 12 Australians being the token Kiwi, and ride a few of the iconic mountain stages often seen in the Tour de France, and the Giro D’Italia, finishing with a few days riding and following the Vuelta in Spain, I thought it was only to be encouraged-mainly so that topic would no longer be a discussion point. A great plan!

The main part of the experience was organised by an Italian Tour Company who transported the guys around in two Mercedes Vans, and supplied next to new Pinarello bikes-all custom fitted. Craig took his own seat which he said he was thankful of, pedals, and helmet. He bought full fingered gloves and a nect warmer after encountering snow on the Stelvio, contrasting with 37 degrees on some of the Spanish stages.

I had great fun sorting appropriate accommodation In Venice to begin, and Paris at the end, not too expensive, and good locations. Most of the hotels Craig stayed in included a Continental Breakfast. He said they were very light fare, and not a good base to start a 100 kms day of riding including some huge climbs. 

Friday morning, back in Rotorua, Craig is sitting eating poached eggs on Vogels toast, a very satisfied look on his face.

We travel the world to really appreciate the simple bits of home. No eggs on toast in Europe! :)

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