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Emirates - A380 aircraft

13 December 2011

The A380 – Business Class Experience

Once the flight was called we made our way down to the gate and because all of the upper deck on the A380 is dedicated to First and Business Class passengers there is a separate access thus avoiding the long queues that one can experience in Economy. To have an idea of how much more space those travelling ‘upstairs’ have there are 90 First and Business Class passengers compared to around 400 downstairs!! In Business Class the seating configuration is skillfully arranged so that whether you are travelling by yourself or with your partner there is something to suit everyone.

One of the great innovations on the Emirates A380 is the Bar/Onboard Lounge which proved very popular with passengers. Serving cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and a wide range of other alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages this is a great place to stretch your legs, socialize with other travellers and offers a different environment to while away some of the journey.

The A380 is a very innovative aircraft and one of the things you notice compared to other jets is just how quiet it is. Despite its 4 engines and the actual size of the aircraft you would truly expect the noise to be more noticeable than it actually is. Other features are the forward and downward facing cameras that can be accessed via the ICE system which gives a very different perspective of your flight experience especially when taking off and landing.

The Emirates A380 flies daily from Auckland to Dubai and along the way makes a brief stop in Sydney. Whilst required to disembark for an hour or so the pampering does not stop. Very quickly you will be enjoying the comforts of the Emirates Business Class Lounge in Sydney with more fine wine and champagne (it’s Veuve Clicquot here), hot and cold snacks, massaging chairs etc. It is all very civilized when compared to twiddling your thumbs waiting in the Terminal to be called back on to the flight.

Once back on board you will settle back into your flat bed seat and maybe tackle the enormous range of entertainment offered via the class leading ICE system. Standing for Information, Communication and Entertainment you will fall asleep long before you have exhausted your in flight entertainment options! Enjoying delicious menus from the award winning in flight cuisine served up on Royal Doulton china with real cutlery just helps to reinforce what a special experience this is.

You can be sure that the Business Class experience described here is probably your best opportunity of arriving at your destination feeling like you have enjoyed rather than endured the journey. And if no one is waiting for you at your destination you can always call upon the Emirates chauffeur drive service to get you there in comfort!!

Emirates A380 facts

Where: Emirates now fly to over 15 destinations with the A380

How Many: Emirates currently have 19 Airbus A380’s in the fleet

Seats: 76 Business Class seats

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