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I am on my way home from a two week Travel Agents “Famil” trip to Ecuador.

My highlights The hats!

Ecuador is the home to the Panama Hat.  The story goes that the labour force came from Ecuador to build the Panama Canal.  Due to the heat they took their hats with them.  They became known as the Panama Hat.  I am a bit of a hat person so found this wee part of Ecuador very tempting.  Hat shops everywhere!  “Sombreros”!  All colours, sizes, even with a feather in the band.  I tried on the black bowler type, the local ladies wore but no, did not suit a kiwi girl.  I think the ladies wear them to make them look taller as most locals from Ecuador are short, shorter than me and that is saying something.

So I returned to NZ with four hats for my family and could easily have purchased more.  Not the most practical item of baggage to carry around Ecuador.

The Food!

I have photos of it, it is so good!  Ecuador is on the Equator and grows everything.  The highlight is the chocolate!  We went to a chocolate shop and were shown how passionfruit truffles were made. We were only allowed to sample one and they were divine!  Other favourite: Ceviche-marinated fish in a lime mixture served as either a lunch dish or as an entrée at dinner.  And just to add, we discovered passion-fruit daiquiris one night, after the limes ran out for the Marguerites and the G and T’s.  They were definitely a highlight.  Mmmmmmm.

The scenery!  

Difficult to describe the contrasts, the lush Cloud forest of Mashpi, the colonial cities and the azure sparkle around the Galapagos.

The Wildlife!  

Unique, educational and a whole new world. 

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