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Setting sail from Denarau Marina, Fiji on a 108 feet sailing ship, our group of 11 from around the world were ready for our exciting adventure.

We were on the Captain Cook Sailing Safari bound for the Yasawas. We stopped for snorkelling on the way up and enjoyed the warm water, seeing beautiful coral and fish. Back on the ship, when the wind came up, the men got into action and hoisted the sails up and we sailed along at 6 knots, so leisurely and relaxing.


Arriving at our destination, Drawaqa Island, our home for the next 3 nights we relaxed before enjoying happy hour at 6pm and yum cocktails for only about $7 NZD per person. Very basic but comfortable accommodations and facilities here.


First full day was a venture to a local school. Was quite excited to see this. We sailed to another island in the Yasawas where a local village lived - our houses are 5 star in comparison, they live so basically here with standard 4 wall houses, wooden windows and little furniture, but they are the friendliest and happiest people. Makes you so grateful for what we have.


Walking into the village we were greeted with many ‘Bula’s’ (Fijian for hello) and smiles.


Arriving at the school, there was a large playing field with rugby posts made out of large sticks and about 5 classrooms, an office and a library, plus a handful of teacher houses. The kids were so excited to see us and were all peering out the windows. We had the chance to go into all the classrooms, meet the kids and chat to them. One girl, 14 introduced herself to us and proudly showed us all the artwork they had done on the wall. The school appreciated the box of pencils and pens that another person in our group took. What a fun time here. We also got to see the kindy on the same site. This was a basic four wall room, that can house 20 kids, but on this day there were 10. They were once again excited and we all had photos taken with them, with some of these cute 3-5 year olds sitting on my lap for it. We found out they didn’t know English yet but smiles seemed to be enough. This visit today was a highlight.


Arriving back at our island in the Yasawas we enjoyed the afternoon laying the hammock right by the beach, snorkelling and reading a book. Dinner was in a communal hall with a large dining table we sat around like a family and were spoilt by the buffet meals we always had.


The next morning my husband went scuba diving while I explored another island Mantaray, which is quite popular for tourists. Heading back to our island, we stopped off for a spot of snorkelling, and we were so lucky to spot the Mantarays. They look a bit like Stingrays, but they are safe! It was Mantaray season, they can grow up to 3 metres wide and were quite happy with us only metres away from them. Wow, what an experience!




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