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That afternoon we sailed to another island where we visited a local village. We had a look around their village and saw their basic houses and how they live, including going inside their church, a standard concrete/wooden building with wooden pews and some purple decorations on the alter up the front. We were made to feel welcome in the village hall with a kava ceremony hosted by the chief of the village. Then the local ladies performed dances for us and we had the chance to buy their hand made handicrafts like jewellery and weaving. We celebrated our last night together on the island with a lovo dinner (similar to the NZ hangi) followed by champagne by a bonfire on the beach, not that you needed the bonfire to keep warm as we were in Fiji, but a nice way to relax with all.

Next day it was back to the mainland with a stop at Mystery Island on the way back for a look around. What a unique way to see the real Fiji with a group of fun friendly people! Amazing.

Arriving at First Landing Beach Resort after our Sailing Safari in the Yasawas the ‘Bula’s’ started at reception. Fijians are so friendly! During our 4 night stay here we got a taxi into Lautoka, about 15 minutes away and browsed the shops. Enjoyed the cultural show of Polynesian dances and fire dancers at the resort that night.

We hired a scooter for 24 hours and that was an adventure in itself. We took off and 10 minutes down the road it decided to stop going on us, so I made the trek back to the resort to advise (as no phone). Another scooter arrived a bit later and we set off to the Garden of the Sleeping Giant. This is a large garden kind of built on the side of a hill and some gorgeous orchids and fascinating trees there.

The next morning was a big trip up the coast on our scooter. We passed the town of Ba, which just has a couple of shops. Carrying on, another 30 mins or so later we reached Tavua, a much bigger town from Ba and driving through the streets we were the local attraction by far, with everyone looking at these 2 tourists on a bright yellow scooter!

We then went right up to the top of the island, about 45 mins away and reached Rakiraki. Another town where everyone was interested in the scooter when we stopped for some lunch.

On the way back, the scooter muffler decided to fall off!!, so many numerous stops trying to fix that didn’t make us very impressed but we finally got back ok! (Hired a scooter before there and no dramas!) What an adventure driving along these less travelled roads that few would go on, every local we passed waved and yelled Bula as many people don’t go up that way. (Not much to see). Great none the less.

Our last night at the resort my husband indulged in a massive platter of crayfish, fish bites, mussels, oysters, crab sticks which the resort was well known for.

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