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Flying to Fiji with Air Pacific.

Cramming onto FJ412 I am not looking for details. I am happy to be departing

the cold, grey New Zealand spring and excited about the prospect of a few days

in a tropical paradise, wearing jandals (ugh white feet!), and getting some sun and salt.

My fellow passengers are up beat. There is no room on this flight, every seat is taken.

We all have the same idea. Escape! I am in the back row and the seats do not recline.

I am last to get a meal and a drink, but my tray table is cleared first.  There is minimal

leg room.The cabin crew are not smiling. The magic is missing-it used to be Air Pacific,

the smiling airline. There used to be that wonderful Fijian music playing that set the scene.

The crew are performing a job, not creating a dream. I am reminded a flight is the means

to get to the destination, not the dream itself. We land on time.


This plane did not have screens in the back of the seats.

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